Some times most things feel bad.

So bad that you’d like to hide behind a rock and never go back to the real world.

A few days ago, two ghosts from my past made me want to hide behind a rock.

Before that, there had been hope.

I had felt good about the situation I were in, and didn’t think too much of how things were.

But then the ghosts appeared and did things they should not have done.

They disappointed me.

If only one of them had waited for a while, but of course they both appeared at the same time.

So yeah, they made me want to hide behind a rock.

And now I’m carefully looking from behind the rock, at the real world.

I just have to go back there.

That’s the only thing to do.


Eirin Lovise

I used to read

I used to read all the time. When I came home from school I would find my book and read for the rest of the day. I could spend an entire weekend to read. I would first read one book, then I’d start to read a new book. All in one weekend. I don’t do that anymore. I do different things. I kinda miss my patience to read a book in just a few days. But then again, I kinda don’t.

Eirin Lovise