The Search of Delicious Tea

Some people drink coffee for breakfast, others drink tea and then there are those who drink neither.

I am the type of person who’d prefer to drink tea in the morning, but who ends up sleeping for five more minutes instead.

So I drink tea in the evenings, if I want to.

But I am a bit picky when it comes to tea, and my favorite tea has stopped being sold!

I don’t understand how they can stop selling delicious tea..

Maybe I’m one out of a few people who actually likes that tea, and who ends up buying it.

So yeah, I’ve started on the search of finding a blackcurrant tea which is as delicious as the one I used to drink.

I stil haven’t found one which can be compared to the one I used to drink, but I won’t give up.

Hope is not lost yet.


Eirin Lovise