The future

What will the future bring? Who will I be in 5 years? Where will I be in life?

The only way to figure that out, is to live and learn as time goes by.

It is very strange how in one moment everything suddenly has turned into the past, and then you are in the present moment which is completely different from how you imagined your life to be at that moment in time.

And then the future just ends up being a massive mystery.


Eirin Lovise

A Wonderful Life

If I could have chosen, right now, how my life would have been then I’d go backpacking in the nature carrying a small tent. I would have walked through the woods, breathed in the fresh air and listened to the silence the nature creates. I would have learned about myself. (And probably been a contribution to mosquitoes dinner, but lets not think about that.) But then reality hits. And I realize that I can’t do that, because of my student loan. Well, well, there will be a time for everything.

Eirin Lovise

Septum Piercing

A few weeks ago I did something fun. I got my septum pierced. And today a few septum rings I had ordered arrived in the mail. Fun. But unfortunately, I cannot wear them yet. My septum must fully heal first. So I’ll just have to wait to put on those cute piercings in my septum. The amazing part was that I ordered the septum rings from the USA on the 4th of July. And they arrived today! Just 8 days later. The destination are Norway. I expected the septum rings to take at least 1 to 2 months before they’d arrive. But strangely, I were wrong. And I won’t complain about that! So, yeah, the septum rings took me by surprise today.

Eirin Lovise

Love Should Be Pure

I remember as a little girl when I used to believe that love were something pure and everlasting. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned one or two things about the subject. I’ve learned that love can be powerful, and that love doesn’t necessarily have to be between a man and a woman who wants to get married. You can love a lot of people from different paths of your life. You can love your family. You can love fantastic friendships. You can love your animal. But all these kinds of love are different kinds of love adapted to the different situations. I’ve also learned that not all people want love. And that is a little bit sad. But then again, they might know that love is a complicated creature in our lives. I respect that they’ve had a path to that conclusion. But one should not be afraid of love. Because love should be pure, as I used to believe love were as a little kid.

Eirin Lovise


I Remember when I first learned the english word “seagull”. Now I’ll write that story down for whoever might find it interesting. When I were 17 I travelled to Brighton on a language course. I stayed there for two weeks and met a lot of people from different countries. That was fun. We were learning, or improving our English, by doing different fun activities. Mostly outdoors since it were summer. I had stayed there for about a week, and throughout the week heard the word seagull used at different times. I did not know what the word meant. But then again I used to feel that the important part were to understand the main meaning of what someone were saying and not all the details. But eventually I became quite curious, because I had heard this word seagull quite a lot. So then I asked someone what the word meant, and they just pointed up at a seagull who were flying on the sky. So, yeah, that’s my seagull story..