To Know Everything

Sometimes I just don’t like people. But strangely I like them if they’re around. It’s not easy to understand why it’s so, but it’s all right. I can not understand everything. That wouldn’t have made any sense. Because then I’d known all the answers to all the mysteries in the world. And what world would it have been without curiosity? And how would everything have been if i’d known all the answers? I might have known about the future. And about the past! We would’t have needed history books or long educations! Because we already would have known everything.. Fascinating…

Eirin Lovise


Growing up

Life happens to us all. We were born and then we lived. The great thing about being alive is that we are allowed to learn. It dosen’t nessecarily have to be in order to become geniuses. There are not a lot of them. And that’s all right. Because, what would we have done if we were not able to appreciate new and exciting ideas? If there had been too many of those new ideas, then they would have been ordinary. And we would not have been able to appreciate those new ideas in the same way. But I happen to love ordinary. I hope that we evolve in a direction which leads us to happiness.

Eirin Lovise