Septum Piercing

A few weeks ago I did something fun. I got my septum pierced. And today a few septum rings I had ordered arrived in the mail. Fun. But unfortunately, I cannot wear them yet. My septum must fully heal first. So I’ll just have to wait to put on those cute piercings in my septum. The amazing part was that I ordered the septum rings from the USA on the 4th of July. And they arrived today! Just 8 days later. The destination are Norway. I expected the septum rings to take at least 1 to 2 months before they’d arrive. But strangely, I were wrong. And I won’t complain about that! So, yeah, the septum rings took me by surprise today.

Eirin Lovise



The greatest, fantastic and chaotic people in your life. They are your family. They are lovely. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. Some times it’s just nice to go back home to where I grew up. Because I know my family will be there. And thats a good feeling. Let’s be honest, there tend to be some discussions and arguments between family members. But thats only a sign that family are comfortable around one another. Other times we can laugh so much that we don’t know how to stop laughing. So, yeah, family are amazing.

Eirin Lovise

I used to read

I used to read all the time. When I came home from school I would find my book and read for the rest of the day. I could spend an entire weekend to read. I would first read one book, then I’d start to read a new book. All in one weekend. I don’t do that anymore. I do different things. I kinda miss my patience to read a book in just a few days. But then again, I kinda don’t.

Eirin Lovise

Love Should Be Pure

I remember as a little girl when I used to believe that love were something pure and everlasting. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned one or two things about the subject. I’ve learned that love can be powerful, and that love doesn’t necessarily have to be between a man and a woman who wants to get married. You can love a lot of people from different paths of your life. You can love your family. You can love fantastic friendships. You can love your animal. But all these kinds of love are different kinds of love adapted to the different situations. I’ve also learned that not all people want love. And that is a little bit sad. But then again, they might know that love is a complicated creature in our lives. I respect that they’ve had a path to that conclusion. But one should not be afraid of love. Because love should be pure, as I used to believe love were as a little kid.

Eirin Lovise

To Know Everything

Sometimes I just don’t like people. But strangely I like them if they’re around. It’s not easy to understand why it’s so, but it’s all right. I can not understand everything. That wouldn’t have made any sense. Because then I’d known all the answers to all the mysteries in the world. And what world would it have been without curiosity? And how would everything have been if i’d known all the answers? I might have known about the future. And about the past! We would’t have needed history books or long educations! Because we already would have known everything.. Fascinating…

Eirin Lovise

Where are home?

I remember as a kid I were terrified of staying in one place. I knew the world I knew. And I knew that I wanted to move away from the place I grew up. Now, when I’m supposed to be grown up and have it all figured out, guess what: i do not have it all figured out. I did end up moving away from where I grew up. I’ve lived in three different cities, and still haven’t found a place to call home. I know that the village I grew up in will always be my home, but at the same time I know that it’s not going to be my home in a very long time.


I Remember when I first learned the english word “seagull”. Now I’ll write that story down for whoever might find it interesting. When I were 17 I travelled to Brighton on a language course. I stayed there for two weeks and met a lot of people from different countries. That was fun. We were learning, or improving our English, by doing different fun activities. Mostly outdoors since it were summer. I had stayed there for about a week, and throughout the week heard the word seagull used at different times. I did not know what the word meant. But then again I used to feel that the important part were to understand the main meaning of what someone were saying and not all the details. But eventually I became quite curious, because I had heard this word seagull quite a lot. So then I asked someone what the word meant, and they just pointed up at a seagull who were flying on the sky. So, yeah, that’s my seagull story..


The thing about fear is that it’s one of the most powerful feelings. In just a moment the fear will tear you apart, chatter all the pieces to places where they are nowhere to be found.

Fear might be the thing which holds you back. Keeps you from your amazing plans for your life. Some times people call me brave for things I’ve never feared. I don’t fear to move to new places or travel to new places all by myself. I’m not afraid of that. And then some people say that thats brave. It might be. But what makes me feel brave is when I do the things I fear. Like getting my first tattoo. That was so scary that I just wanted to hide from that moment in time. I didn’t like the idea of pain. I still don’t. But I went through with the tattoo, and it turned out that it didn’t hurt anything close to the pain I had imagined. So fear had been holding me back. Strange..

Eirin Lovise

Growing up

Life happens to us all. We were born and then we lived. The great thing about being alive is that we are allowed to learn. It dosen’t nessecarily have to be in order to become geniuses. There are not a lot of them. And that’s all right. Because, what would we have done if we were not able to appreciate new and exciting ideas? If there had been too many of those new ideas, then they would have been ordinary. And we would not have been able to appreciate those new ideas in the same way. But I happen to love ordinary. I hope that we evolve in a direction which leads us to happiness.

Eirin Lovise

The funny thing about starting a blog

A list

  1. Ambition. I think that I’m going to write quite a lot. That’s not true, if I see back to the past. But then again, we are in the present and are heading to the future. So, yeah, I’m not intending to listen to my own ideas from the past.
  2. Creativity. Right now, I feel like I’ve got quite a few ideas for what I’ll write about. Give me a week, and I’ll have another perspective on this thought.
  3. Time. In the beginning I might enjoy to write. Then all of a sudden I might forget all about the fact that this blog exists. It’s all about prioritizing. And it’s all about what’s important.

This is my little list of thoughts. Let the writing begin.

Eirin Lovise