The Strangest Thing

The weirdest thing happened at work today.

A customer, at the grocery store I work at, stared at me, and then he said “I can’t stop staring at that piercing of yours.”

Of course I did not know what to replay to that, so as a polite service minded human being at work, I answered something polite.

He then said that the piercing looked good on me.

After he had paid for his groceries, ha said that the next time he were shopping there he would like the receipt so that he could write his number for me.

And then I, who am from a country like Norway where you don’t flirt with strangers openly, started to blush.

The lovely part of being form a cold country.


Eirin Lovise



The Definition of Art

Art is very fascinating.

Because people have different perspectives, and different definition on how art should look like.

People also like different kinds of art.

When someone grows up in a culture or around people with different ways of seeing life, then this will contribute to affect that persons view on art.

That is interesting, and leads us to one question.

Can we be responsible for our own definition on how art should look like?

Kind of, yes, because we decide who we are going to admire and what we are going to admire.

Even when you pretend to like a specific piece of art, then you will know deep down what your truth is.

And thats what matter.


Eirin Lovise

The Search of Delicious Tea

Some people drink coffee for breakfast, others drink tea and then there are those who drink neither.

I am the type of person who’d prefer to drink tea in the morning, but who ends up sleeping for five more minutes instead.

So I drink tea in the evenings, if I want to.

But I am a bit picky when it comes to tea, and my favorite tea has stopped being sold!

I don’t understand how they can stop selling delicious tea..

Maybe I’m one out of a few people who actually likes that tea, and who ends up buying it.

So yeah, I’ve started on the search of finding a blackcurrant tea which is as delicious as the one I used to drink.

I stil haven’t found one which can be compared to the one I used to drink, but I won’t give up.

Hope is not lost yet.


Eirin Lovise


The future

What will the future bring? Who will I be in 5 years? Where will I be in life?

The only way to figure that out, is to live and learn as time goes by.

It is very strange how in one moment everything suddenly has turned into the past, and then you are in the present moment which is completely different from how you imagined your life to be at that moment in time.

And then the future just ends up being a massive mystery.


Eirin Lovise

I talk too much

Mostly when I just want to shut up, I tend to talk about all the things I’d like to keep to myself.

I don’t know why I just continue to say everything which is on my mind.

There are just one person which I know a bit well, who I am very silent around.

In one way that is very comfortable and I like who I am around that person, but at the same time it’s very confusing.

But around most people who I know well, I just talk, talk and talk.

Guess that’s a massive part of my personality then.

I hope I’m not talking about everything which worries me, but more about things I’m looking forward to as well.

So, yeah, that’s a lot about who I am.


Eirin Lovise


Some times most things feel bad.

So bad that you’d like to hide behind a rock and never go back to the real world.

A few days ago, two ghosts from my past made me want to hide behind a rock.

Before that, there had been hope.

I had felt good about the situation I were in, and didn’t think too much of how things were.

But then the ghosts appeared and did things they should not have done.

They disappointed me.

If only one of them had waited for a while, but of course they both appeared at the same time.

So yeah, they made me want to hide behind a rock.

And now I’m carefully looking from behind the rock, at the real world.

I just have to go back there.

That’s the only thing to do.


Eirin Lovise

A Wonderful Life

If I could have chosen, right now, how my life would have been then I’d go backpacking in the nature carrying a small tent. I would have walked through the woods, breathed in the fresh air and listened to the silence the nature creates. I would have learned about myself. (And probably been a contribution to mosquitoes dinner, but lets not think about that.) But then reality hits. And I realize that I can’t do that, because of my student loan. Well, well, there will be a time for everything.

Eirin Lovise

Septum Piercing

A few weeks ago I did something fun. I got my septum pierced. And today a few septum rings I had ordered arrived in the mail. Fun. But unfortunately, I cannot wear them yet. My septum must fully heal first. So I’ll just have to wait to put on those cute piercings in my septum. The amazing part was that I ordered the septum rings from the USA on the 4th of July. And they arrived today! Just 8 days later. The destination are Norway. I expected the septum rings to take at least 1 to 2 months before they’d arrive. But strangely, I were wrong. And I won’t complain about that! So, yeah, the septum rings took me by surprise today.

Eirin Lovise


The greatest, fantastic and chaotic people in your life. They are your family. They are lovely. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. Some times it’s just nice to go back home to where I grew up. Because I know my family will be there. And thats a good feeling. Let’s be honest, there tend to be some discussions and arguments between family members. But thats only a sign that family are comfortable around one another. Other times we can laugh so much that we don’t know how to stop laughing. So, yeah, family are amazing.

Eirin Lovise