I Remember when I first learned the english word “seagull”. Now I’ll write that story down for whoever might find it interesting. When I were 17 I travelled to Brighton on a language course. I stayed there for two weeks and met a lot of people from different countries. That was fun. We were learning, or improving our English, by doing different fun activities. Mostly outdoors since it were summer. I had stayed there for about a week, and throughout the week heard the word seagull used at different times. I did not know what the word meant. But then again I used to feel that the important part were to understand the main meaning of what someone were saying and not all the details. But eventually I became quite curious, because I had heard this word seagull quite a lot. So then I asked someone what the word meant, and they just pointed up at a seagull who were flying on the sky. So, yeah, that’s my seagull story..


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