The thing about fear is that it’s one of the most powerful feelings. In just a moment the fear will tear you apart, chatter all the pieces to places where they are nowhere to be found.

Fear might be the thing which holds you back. Keeps you from your amazing plans for your life. Some times people call me brave for things I’ve never feared. I don’t fear to move to new places or travel to new places all by myself. I’m not afraid of that. And then some people say that thats brave. It might be. But what makes me feel brave is when I do the things I fear. Like getting my first tattoo. That was so scary that I just wanted to hide from that moment in time. I didn’t like the idea of pain. I still don’t. But I went through with the tattoo, and it turned out that it didn’t hurt anything close to the pain I had imagined. So fear had been holding me back. Strange..

Eirin Lovise


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